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Fulltimers/Workampers the final frontier. These are the voyages of the RV Winnabago. The Adventurers mission is to seek out paying jobs around the country and to boldly go over some really big mountains and once in a while go to Florida and see our son.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life after Amazon

Why start there you ask? Because that is the most recent pictures I have. We left Kansas Dec 23, 2009 and headed for Thackerville, Oklahoma to a Coast to Coast park Red River Ranch RV Resort. Passing thru Oklahoma City we noticed there was a large part of RT. 66 there. Visiting as much of the Mother Road is something that is on both our bucket list we had planned to drive back up to Oklahoma City and check that one off. Not going to happen. Traveling in winter one finds the flexabilty of an RVer is tested quite often. The day we where driving back up to Rt. 66 a blizzard started, OK no problem we will do it in a couple of days. So we pulled in the slides and plugged up the drafts against the frosty wind and sat watching the snow fall along with the temperatures. The next morning Dec 25, 2009 we had our very first white Christmas.It was beautiful, all 10 inches of it. We thought OK Saturday we drive up to Oklahoma City, we got a few miles out of the park and the roads where still covered in ice so we turned around and headed to the Casino. After roaming around a few countrys, we went to a Cracker Barrell and chowed down on comfort food.....YUM. We left the next day.

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